What Does the First Digit

Cracking the Code: of Your Chinese Phone Number Mean?
Ever glanced at a Chinese phone number and wondered what the first digit reveals? This guide dives into the secret language of those initial digits, helping you identify mobile carriers and navigate communication in China.

Unlocking the Mystery: Mobile Numbers Take Center Stage

In China, mobile phones reign supreme. Unlike landlines with area codes, mobile numbers follow a standard format: 1 + three-digit mobile network identifier (MNI) + seven-digit subscriber number. That initial 1 is your key to understanding the carrier behind the number.

A Breakdown of Mobile Network Identifiers (MNIs):

Here’s a breakdown of the most common

MNIs and their corresponding carriers:

13x: These numbers belong to China Mobile (China Mobile Hong Kong Group Limited), the country’s largest mobile network operator.

14x (except 140-144): China Unicom (China United Self Employed Database Communications Group Co., Ltd.) owns this range, offering extensive network coverage.

15x: This MNI identifies China Telecom (China Telecommunications Corporation), another major player in the Chinese mobile market.

16x and 19x: These are newer additions, representing China Telecom and China Unicom respectively, catering to the growing mobile user base.

Beyond the Basics:

Special Database

Lesser Known MNIs

17x: Reserved for future use by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China.

140-144: A unique range dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Leveraging this Knowledge: Making Informed Connections

Understanding the MNI can be beneficial in various situations:

Identifying Business Carriers: Knowing the carrier behind a company phone number can help tailor your communication approach.

Marketing Campaigns: Targeting specific carrier users can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Remember: This guide focuses on mobile numbers. Landlines in China have a different structure, typically starting with digits other than “1.”

Mastering Mobile Communication in China

By cracking the code of the first digit in Chinese Yeezys Shoes phone numbers, you gain a valuable edge when navigating communication within the country. So, the next time you encounter a Chinese mobile number, you can decipher its origin with ease!

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