Unveiling the Mystery

Calling the Dragon: of China’s Phone Codes
Connecting with friends, family, or business associates in China can be exciting, but phone numbers with the prefix 0086 or 86 might leave you wondering: “Which one is it and why are there two?” Breathe easy, intrepid communicator! This guide clarifies China’s phone code conundrum and equips you for seamless international calls.

Unveiling the Truth: The Case for 86

The official country code for mainland China is 86. This code, designated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), ensures international calls are routed to the correct country. So, whenever you’re dialing a Chinese phone number, 86 is the key that unlocks the connection.

The Mysterious 0086:

A Case of International Dialing

Now, let’s address the 0086 prefix. This code represents the combination of the international calling prefix (often 00) and the China country code (86). In essence, 0086 is simply a longer way of dialing 86.

Why the Confusion? A Look at Calling Habits

Here’s where things get interesting. While 86 is the standard for international calls, some phone users, particularly those with Chinese phones outside mainland China, might see the number pre-pended with 00 when saving contacts. This is because some phone models automatically add the Band Database international calling prefix when saving a number originating from a different country.

So, When to Use Which? A Simple Guide

Here’s a quick breakdown to help you navigate China’s phone codes:

Calling from Outside China: When dialing a Chinese number from any other country, use only the country code 86 followed by the area code and local phone number.
Checking Saved Numbers: If you see a Chinese number saved with 0086 on your phone, it likely means the number originated from mainland China and the international calling prefix was automatically added. You can simply remove the 00 before dialing internationally.

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Bonus Tip Beyond the Code

Remember, China also uses area codes to designate specific regions within the country. Once you have the country code (86), you’ll need the relevant area code and the local phone number to complete your call.

Conquering Communication Barriers: Call China with Confidence

With this knowledge in hand, you’re now equipped to conquer the mystery of China’s phone codes and connect with ease. So, pick up the phone, dial 86 with confidence, and get Yeezys Shoes ready to experience the joy of international communication!

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