Understanding One-Ring Scams

Missed Call From +55? Don’t Panic, But Be Cautious:

Have you ever gotten a missed call from an unknown number starting with +55, Brazil’s country code? You’re not alone. These one-ring calls can be a tactic used in “Wangiri” scams, where fraudsters attempt to trick you into calling back a premium-rate number.

Why the Missed Call?

Scammers exploit the natural human tendency to return missed calls, especially if it appears urgent. They might use:

  • Automated Dialers: These systems call large numbers quickly, letting them ring just once before hanging up.
  • Prepaid SIM Cards: Disposable SIM cards make it difficult to trace the origin of the call.

Don’t Call Back! Here’s What To Do:

  • Research the Number: Utilize free online phone number trackers to see if others have report Singapore Mobile Phone Number ed the number as a scam.
  • Silence is Golden: Resist the urge to call back. Engaging with the scammer can incur charges.
  • Block the Number: Block the number on your phone to prevent future calls.
  • Report it (Optional): Consider reporting the number to your phone carrier or a scam-reporting website.

Staying Safe:

  • Be Wary of Unexpected Calls: Especially from unfamiliar international n Yeezys Shoes umbers.
  • Don’t Answer Calls You Don’t Recognize: Let it go to voicemail or a screening service.
  • Use Caution with Voicemail Prompts: Don’t press buttons or enter information on automated messages.

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