Understanding China Telephone

Cracking the Code: Area Code Format
Calling someone in China? The phone number format might seem complex at first glance, but fear not! Here’s a breakdown of China’s telephone area code format, making international connections a breeze.

China’s Country Code: Your Gateway

Every international call to China starts with the country code, +86. This prefix acts as your gateway, letting the network know you’re calling a Chinese phone number.

Area Codes:

Navigating China’s Regions

Unlike some countries with a single national code, China utilizes area codes to designate specific regions. These codes typically range from 2 to 4 digits and come into play when calling landline numbers. Here’s a quick guide:

Major Cities, Major Codes: Major metropolises like Beijing (010), Shanghai (021), and Guangzhou (020) have unique area codes for easy identification.
Multi-City Coverage: Some area codes encompass multiple cities or provinces. For example, 075 covers both Shenzhen and Dongguan.
Mobile Numbers: A Different Dialing Approach

Mobile phone numbers in China follow a  LinkedIn Database distinct format (1xx-XXXX-XXXX) and don’t require area codes. So, if you’re phoning a Chinese mobile number, you can directly dial the 11-digit number after the country code.

Decoding the Format:

Special Database

A Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the complete dialing format for both landlines and mobiles:

For Landlines: +86 (Country Code) + Area Code (if applicable) + Local Phone Number (8 digits)
For Mobiles: +86 (Country Code) + Mobile Number (11 digits)
Finding the Missing Piece: Locating Area Codes

Need to find a specific area code? Here are some reliable resources:

Search Engines: A simple web search like “China area code + [city name]” will reveal the code you need.
Telecom Provider Websites: Many telecommunication Yeezys Shoes companies in China offer online directories listing area codes for various locations.

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