Calling Vietnam? You’ll Need the Country Code (Here’s the Scoop)

Calling Vietnam? You’ll  Connecting with someone in Vietnam? Whether it’s a business deal, catching up with friends, or planning a trip, you’ll need the country code to make that international call. But with all those different codes out there, it can get confusing.

Fear not, fellow communicator! This quick guide will shed light on Vietnam’s country code, ensuring your international calls reach the right shores.

Cracking the Code: VN for Vietnam

Vietnam’s two-letter country code is VN. This code, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is universally recognized for dialing phone numbers in Vietnam.

Here’s how it works:

Exit code: The first step is dialing your Bank Database country’s exit code to initiate an international call. This code varies depending on your location (e.g., 011 for the US and Canada, 00 for many European countries).
Country code: Once you’ve dialed the exit code, enter VN (for Vietnam).
Phone number: Finally, dial the Vietnamese phone number you’re trying to reach.
Pro Tip: To find specific Vietnamese phone numbers, search online or consult a directory. They’ll typically be listed with the area code following the country code (e.g., VN 28 3856 1234).

Beyond Calls: The Power of VN

Special Data

The VN code isn’t just for phone numbers. It’s also used for various purposes:

Online transactions: When shopping Yeezys Shoes online from Vietnamese websites, you might be asked for the country code during checkout.
Addressing mail: VN can be used as a country code abbreviation when addressing mail to Vietnam.
International standards: VN plays a role in international data formats, like ISO standards, for identifying Vietnam.
Calling Made Easy
With the VN country code in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to connecting with . So next time you need to make an international call, remember VN is your key to unlocking clear communication!

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