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Are you looking for information on Australian numbers? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about Australian numbers. From dialing codes to mobile phone prefixes, we have got you covered. So, let’s jump right in!

What are Australian Numbers?

When we talk about Australian numbers, we are referring to the various telephone numbers used within Australia. These numbers can include landline numbers, mobile numbers, and even toll-free numbers. Each type of number serves a different purpose and may have specific dialing codes associated with them.

Types of Australian Numbers

  1. Landline Numbers: Landline numbers in Australia typically start with a two-digit area code, followed by an eight-digit subscriber number. For example, a Sydney landline number might look like (02) 1234 5678.
  2. Mobile Numbers: Australian mobile numbers have a similar format to landline numbers but start with a different prefix. Mobile numbers often begin with ’04’ followed by an eight-digit subscriber number. For example, 0412 345 678.
  3. Toll-Free Numbers: Toll-free numbers in Australia are prefixed with ‘1800’ or ’13’ followed by a six or ten-digit number. These numbers are generally used for customer service or business inquiries.

How to Dial Australian Numbers

When dialing Australian numbers, it is Hong-Kong Mobile Database essential to understand the correct dialing codes. When calling within Australia, you typically just need to dial the area code followed by the subscriber number. For international calls to Australia, you will need to add the country code (+61) before the area code and subscriber number.

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Popular Australian Number Prefixes

  • 02: New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
  • 03: Victoria & Tasmania
  • 07: Queensland
  • 08: Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I call an Australian mobile number from overseas?

To call an Australian Yeezys Shoes mobile number from overseas, you would need to dial your country’s international dialing code, followed by Australia’s country code (+61), then the mobile number without the ‘0’ at the beginning.

What is the emergency number in Australia?

In Australia, the emergency number is 000. This number can be dialed for police, fire, or ambulance services in case of an emergency.


In conclusion, Australian numbers come in various forms, including landline, mobile, and toll-free numbers. Understanding the different types of numbers and their respective dialing codes can help you make calls within Australia and internationally more efficiently. So, whether you need to contact a friend or a business in Australia, you now have the knowledge to do so with ease.

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