Although this may seem like a small group

These elements are more than enough to implement this technique. Depending on their skills, you could assign the designer the role of dreamer, the marketing professional the role of realist, and the financial manager the role of critic. The designer will likely come up with a number of creative ideas, but not all of them will be feasible for the brand identity. At this point, the marketing professional will filter the proposals, looking for those that fit the advertising formats of the sector, that are scalable without losing legibility, and that align with the company’s identity or look contemporary.

Finally, the financial manager will critically evaluate the result

Identifying possible details that may have been overlooked by others.Walt Disney Method Once the most suitable alternative has been perfected, it will be time to put it into practice. Development of advertising campaign for YouTube In the context of a larger Lead Telemarketing company, using this resource becomes an even greater challenge, but also a more dynamic strategy. Imagine a large corporation dedicated to the sale of machinery that seeks to launch an advertising campaign through videos on YouTube. The CEO has granted creative freedom, but with budget restrictions and a quarterly delivery deadline. The marketing team takes responsibility for leading the project.

Lead Telemarketing

Their first action involves dividing its members into three groups

Dreamers, realists and critics. Since they all possess similar skills and adequate knowledge in the area, the distribution of roles can be flexible. Dreamers are likely to come up with promising ideas for solving the project, such as a short documentary Yeezys Shoes about machine production, an advertisement highlighting the value of the product, or even a thematic miniseries. Realists will assess feasibility based on budget and time, ruling out, for example, the miniseries option. Finally, the third group will refine the details of the project and assess the associated risks, delays, and expenses, opting for the commercial advertisement. 

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