A Guide to International Calls to Hong Kong

Decoding 00852:
Ever come across the international code 00852 and been unsure where it leads? This code might seem like a mystery, but fear not! This guide will unveil the country associated with 00852 and equip you for seamless international communication.

Unveiling the Origin: 00852 Belongs to Hong Kong

The international code 00852 is Japan Phone Number List designated for Hong Kong, a vibrant Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China. A unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures, Hong Kong is a global hub for finance, trade, and tourism.

Understanding Phone Numbers with 00852
Phone numbers in Hong Kong typically follow a three-part structure:

Phone Number List

Country Code (+852): While 00852 might appear

in some instances, the more common way to represent the country code is simply +852. This prefix indicates a Hong Kong phone number.
Area Code (1-2 digits): This identifies a specific geographic region within Hong Kong. Common area codes include 2 for Kowloon and 3 for Hong Kong Island.
Local Number (7 digits): This unique identifier is assigned to a specific phone line within the area code.
Here’s an example of a complete Hong Kong phone number: +852 3 1234 5678. In this instance, +852 is the country code, 3 is the area code for Hong Kong Island, and 1234 5678 is the local number.

Calling with 00852: A Step-by-Step Guide
Here’s how to make an international Yeezys Shoes call to a Hong Kong phone number:


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