A Guide to Chinese Phone Number

Demystifying Dialing: Formats
China, a land of rich culture and booming business, offers exciting opportunities for international connections. But deciphering Chinese phone numbers, with their unfamiliar format, can be a hurdle. Fear not, fellow communicators! This guide unveils the secrets of Chinese phone number formats, empowering you to call with confidence.

Understanding the Structure: Dissecting the Numbers

Chinese phone numbers follow a specific structure, differing from many other countries:

Mobile Numbers: These ubiquitous 11-digit numbers reign supreme in China. The format is:

The first three digits (1XX) represent the mobile phone service provider.
The following eight digits (XXXX-XXXX) are the unique subscriber number.
Landline Numbers: Traditionally used for homes and businesses, landline numbers can have two formats:

Major Cities:

These numbers consist

Of an area code (two digits) followed by an eight-digit local number:

Now that you’re familiar with the formats, here are some key points to remember when calling China:

Country Code: China’s country code is 86. You’ll need to dial this prefix before the entire Chinese phone number for international calls.

Calling Mobile Numbers: Simply dial 86 followed by the 11-digit mobile number (e.g., 86-135-1234-5678).

Calling Landlines: Dial 86, then the area code, and Viber Database finally the local landline number (e.g., 86-010-1234-5678 for a major city landline).

International Calling Prefix: In some countries, you might need to dial an international calling prefix (often 00 or 011) before the country code. Check with your phone carrier for details.

Saving Numbers: When saving Chinese phone numbers in your contacts, include the full 11-digit number (mobile) or the complete area code and local number (landline) for accurate dialing.

Bonus Tip:

Special Database

Mobile Service Providers

Here are some of the major mobile service providers in China, identified by the first three digits of the phone number:

Connecting with Confidence: Embrace China’s Communication Landscape

With this knowledge of Chinese phone number formats, you’re now equipped to navigate calls to China seamlessly. So, pick up the phone. Dial with confidence, and unlock a world Yeezys Shoes of exciting connections! Remember, a little research goes a long way in ensuring your calls reach the right destination. Your privacy and Gemini Apps.

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