A Guide to Chinese Phone Number Digits

Decoding the Dial Tone:
Ever looked at a Chinese phone number and felt like you were deciphering ancient code? Fear not! This guide unveils the secrets hidden within each digit, empowering you to navigate communication in China like a pro.

The Two Faces of China’s Phone Numbers: Landlines vs. Mobiles

Understanding Chinese phone numbers starts with recognizing the two main types:

Landlines: These traditional phone lines are identified by area codes, typically two or three digits long depending on the city, followed by an eight-digit local number. Imagine a call from Shanghai – the number might appear as “021-12345678,” where “021” is the Shanghai area code.

Mobiles: China’s mobile phone dominance shines through in their eleven-digit format. It all starts with the country code “+86,” followed by a ten-digit identifier unique to each number. This ten-digit section is further divided into a three-digit Mobile Network Identifier (MNI) and a seven-digit subscriber number. For instance, “+86 138-76543210” could be a mobile number on the China Mobile network (indicated by the 138 MNI).

Delving Deeper:

Decoding the Mobile Network Identifier

The MNI, those first three digits in a mobile number, hold the key to identifying the carrier behind the number. Here’s a breakdown of the most common MNIs:

13x: China Mobile (China Mobile Hong Kong Group Limited) – The country’s largest mobile network operator.

14x (except 140-144): China Unicom (China United Communications Group Co., Ltd.) – Offering extensive network coverage.

15x: China Telecom (China Telecommunications Cryptocurrency Database Corporation) – Another major player in the Chinese mobile market.

16x and 19x: Newer additions representing China Telecom and China Unicom respectively, catering to the ever-growing mobile user base.

Beyond the Basics: Lesser-Known MNIs

17x: Reserved for future use by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China.

140-144: A unique range dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Special Database

Why Does the MNI Matter

Understanding the MNI can be beneficial in various situations:

Targeting the Right Audience: Businesses can tailor their marketing campaigns to specific mobile carriers based on user demographics.

Identifying Business Numbers: Knowing the carrier behind a company phone number can help you understand their communication preferences.

Remember: This guide focuses on mobile numbers. Landlines, while still present, have a different structure and don’t utilize MNIs.

Unlocking Communication in China: One Digit at a Time

By unraveling the mysteries of Chinese phone number digits, you gain a valuable advantage when navigating communication within the country. So, the next time you encounter a Yeezys Shoes Chinese phone number, you can approach it with confidence, knowing exactly what each digit reveals!

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