A Guide to China’s Landline Area Codes

Unveiling the Mystery:
Calling someone in China? Don’t be intimidated by landline area codes! Unlike a single national code, China utilizes various area codes to designate specific regions. Mastering these codes is key to making successful calls to landlines in this vast country.

China’s Country Code: Your Launchpad

Before diving into area codes, remember China’s country code: +86. This prefix is essential for all calls originating outside China. It acts as your launchpad for connecting with a Chinese landline.

Navigating the Maze: Understanding China’s Area Codes

China’s landline area codes comprise 2-4 digits and Office 365 Database pinpoint the city or province you’re calling. Here’s a breakdown to simplify things:

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Major Cities Major Codes

Major metropolises like Beijing (010), Shanghai (021), and Guangzhou (020) boast unique area codes for easy identification.
Multi-City Coverage: Some area codes encompass multiple cities. For instance, area code 0571 covers Hangzhou and surrounding areas.
Unearthing the Right Code: Resources at Your Fingertips

Finding the exact area code is a breeze with online resources. Here are a couple of trustworthy options:

Search Engines: A quick web search like “China area code + [city name]” will yield the code you need in seconds.
Telecom Provider Websites: Many telecommunication providers offer online directories listing area codes for various Chinese locations.

Mobile Numbers A Different Story

Mobile phone numbers in China follow a distinct format (1xx-XXXX-XXXX) and don’t utilize area codes. So, if you’re calling a Chinese mobile number, you can directly dial the 11-digit number after the country code.

Calling China with Confidence: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a clear roadmap for Yeezys Shoes dialing a Chinese landline number:

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